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Animal Studies.
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This community has been created for the purpose of discussing past and present animal related studies. All animal related studies, scientific observations, media articles, essays, personal observations, books and scientific research can be freely discussed.

However, this is not a political forum regarding animal rights. That is not to say that you cannot link to an article on, for example, lagomorph intelligence and conclude that rabbits should have an enriched laboratory environment. It simply means that posts whose sole intent is to point to the horrors of intensive farming with the purpose of trying to convert members to vegetarianism will not be looked upon kindly. That said, scientific/news articles about the impact of intensive farming on an animal will be welcomed.

While the focus of the community is somewhat scientific, lighthearted articles which illustrate an animal's capacity are welcome. Similarly, feel free to ask questions or engage in musings about a particular aspect of an animal or animals in general.

Studies, articles, observations, questions and musings can all relate to any aspect of an animal, from behaviour, to molecular make-up.

Debate is encouraged, However, please try to refrain from ad hominem attacks. That is; critique the argument not the person, spelling, grammar etc.

Questions? Comments? You can contact, me, your friendly neighbourhood maintainer at: nays_says @ hotmail.com [remove spaces].