Rhapsodical78 (rhapsodical78) wrote in animal_studies,

New Community Promo - Animal_training.

Hi guys, just letting you know that smirnoffmule and I have created a sparkly new, open-minded training community called animal_training. This community includes a number of professional trainers, and people studying training (two of which are smirnoffmule and I).

Although this community will, no doubt, lean toward dog training, training of all animals is open for discussion, from equestrian sports to rat agility (yes, it exists!).

I hope this can be a place where expression of all opinions and discussion of all training methods are welcome, without personal attacks or judgment. Of course, debate is very welcome as long as members remain civil.

It will be a place where academic articles, essays or training practices will be on the table for discussion. I know there are a number of professional trainers here, and others with an interest in training, so please join up. Even if the community is an intimate one I expect it will generate interesting discussion.

If you're a novice trainer who is seeking advice or tips, it will be a place where judgment is reserved in favour of constructive advice from many experienced individuals with a variety of different ideas and beliefs.

I'm a firm believer that not all training methods work for all dogs or all situations so this community will be ideal for those open-minded individuals who are prepared to try different techniques.

So if this sounds like something you may be interested in please join up!

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